Remote Committee Guidance Note (to be read alongside the Basildon Borough Council Remote Meetings Protocol and Procedure Rules April 2020)

a. Committee members are asked to join the meeting no later than fifteen minutes before the start to allow themselves and the Senior Governance Officer the opportunity to test the equipment

b. Turn off all noise sources (radio, television, mobile phone) and try to separate yourself from any interruptions by using a separate room from other members of your household

c. Bear in mind that some meetings may contain confidential information so you must make arrangements to ensure that other members of your household do not overhear

d. Ensure any smart speakers are turned off (Amazon Echo, Google Home etc). This is because they could turn on or inadvertently record the meeting

e. Any camera (video-feed) should show a non-descript background or, where possible, a virtual background and members should be careful to not allow exempt or confidential papers to be seen in the video-feed

f. Type their name on joining the meeting in full, e.g., “Cllr Joanne Smith” (where the technological solution enables this)

g. All Members and other participants should have their video turned off and microphones muted when not speaking

h. If using video, Members can raise their hand to be recognised or to speak. Members on audio can indicate their wish to speak either during the meeting or by advising the Chairman or Senior Governance Officer prior to the start of the meeting. Any Members who have not spoken and who are on audio only, maybe asked by the Chairman if they wish to speak, Members should avail themselves of the remote process for requesting to be heard:

i. Only one person may speak at any one time

j. Only speak when invited to by the Chairman

E Creating Opporhanity, Improving Lives

k. Turn on the microphone and also the video-feed (if available or unless speaking to a diagram, presentation slide or drawing), then state your name before you make a comment

l. When referring to a specific report, page, or slide, mention the report, page, or slide so that all members have a clear understanding of what is being discussed

at all times

m. Please have an appropriate background ensuring you do not have any personal items in view in order to protect your privacy and that of your home

Voting Guidance

i. When the Chairman is satisfied that they have allowed sufficient debate they will call out the name of each member present.

ii, | When the Members name is called they will be required to clearly state ‘for’, ‘against’, or ‘abstain’ to indicate their vote.

iii. If for any reasons there are any technical issues at this stage, the Chairman will adjourn the meeting until all votes can be clearly heard.

iv. A final tally will be taken to ascertain the outcome and the Senior Governance

Officer may be asked by the Chairman to repeat the voting for final clarification before the Chairman confirms the decision.

oo Creating Opporhanity, Improving Lives